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Welcome to "Lights in the Night," the podcast that illuminates the mysteries of alien existence, life expansion, and extraterrestrial life.

Our show is designed for curious minds of all genders, especially those aged 20 to 50+ who have a keen interest in conspiracy theories and the unknown realms of off-world life.

At "Lights in the Night," we tackle the lack of credible information on extraterrestrial phenomena and satisfy your curiosity about alien encounters and government secrets. Join us as we explore the vast universe, uncover hidden truths, and delve into the intriguing world of alien life with expert interviews, fascinating stories, and evidence-based discussions.

Tune in and let your imagination soar with "Lights in the Night"—where the truth is out there, and so are we.

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The Host

Russ Johnson - Host of Lights in the Night


Russ Johnson, the dynamic host of "Lights in the Night." Russ is a renowned Network Marketing Professional and a multiple million-dollar earner, whose expertise extends far beyond the realms of traditional business. With a Ph.D. in Communications, he has dedicated his career to mastering and mentoring others in the art of effective business and personal communication.

Russ's extensive experience includes training and managing large groups of sales and marketing personnel in both traditional brick-and-mortar and innovative network marketing models. His unique blend of academic knowledge and real-world success makes him an exceptional guide through the complex and fascinating topics of alien existence, life expansion, and extraterrestrial life.

Join Russ Johnson on "Lights in the Night" as he brings his unparalleled communication skills and insightful perspectives to every episode, helping listeners uncover the truth behind the mysteries of the universe.

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